The Most Serene Republic @ Mod Club

Saturday night shows at the Mod Club are.

Saturday night shows at the Mod Club are always a bit strange since the club wants the bands and under-agers out by 10 p.m. so they can open up for their regular Sat. night crowd. Forgeting this and not paying attention to the details on the ticket meant I missed The Diableros set while I was busy eating dinner. This was unfortunate as the last minute of their performance sounded pretty good, despite a crowd that was obviously there to see The Most Serene Republic.

The TMSR show back in the fall, shortly after the release of Population, was not their best. The already massive band crammed some extra brass and strings on stage to play bits from some of the new tracks. They just couldn’t bring it together that night as things sounded loose and chaotic.

This was not the case as TMSR returned to the Mod Club on Saturday night. They performed as a solid seven piece band, each member as tight and integrated into the whole as fans have come to expect. The other pleasant change was this show featured a broader selection from their full catalogue rather than be focused on the newer tracks off last year’s Population.

Full of energy, vocalists Adrian and Emma keep bringing their vocals closer together. The live performance actually featured their singing a little more than album does. While Population is very textural, the live show was clearly dominated by the back and forth dynamic that two have developed. The band have also apparently found time to re-work some of their older stuff, bringing a new dynamic to fan faves and keeping their live performance fresh.

I’m pretty sure the performance got cut off early, because I saw a violin brought on stage that was never played. Hopefully TMSR can do another show somewhere like Lee’s Palace, where they can play a full set and finish at a more rock’n’roll-like hour.

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