The Tap taps out

Saying goodbye to a fallen local bar

Sadly last night the bar I called home poured its last pint. The Tap in the Annex closed its door.

Thursday’s send off felt a little sacrilegious, with people ripping things off the wall and drinking the bar dry of beer.

But it also had the spirit of a wake, with plenty of hugs and comforting arm rubs as everyone was consoling one another. I even saw some wiping away a tear or two.

There was just something about this hole in the wall – a connection many drinkers must feel about their locals. The moment you walked in, the bartender is already pouring a pint because she knew what your drink. There was comfort the game would always be on and you’d always have someone to watch it with.

At Tap you got to hear Moe Berg spin the most amazing songs on Saturday night. That Galore’s monthly party was always an expect the unexpected event and a good time.

So rest in peace, The Tap. You touched many a life and many a liver. [rssbreak]

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