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The truth is in the strokes. Here's what NOW's handwriting expert found hidden in the scribblings of the three who would be premier.

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Ernie Eves The most challenging of the three to analyze, since the strokes are the most difficult to decipher. While demands to sign his name are most likely to blame for the expedient scrawl, the fact that it’s fairly illegible may have another meaning – that Ernie may unconsciously wish to mask who he really is. This could be motivated by a need for privacy due to high public exposure, or by a desire to keep us guessing. The very large “E”s speak to a healthy ego. The capital “E” in Ernie emulates a Greek “e” formation, which hints at an appreciation for culture and the arts. Ernie underscores his last name with a flourish, which shows self-reliance and a desire to emphasize who he is. This is a man who likes to collect material things and has a tendency to yield to pressure.

Howard Hampton This signature suggests a passionate personality with a good sense of humour. He can also be a bit of a softie. While that can be a good thing in terms of compromise, it could prove to be a liability if he’s pushed too hard. Hampton seems to have a strong need for approval. His very tall “t” and “d” indicate pride, but when they are overly tall, as here, pride has grown into vanity. This implies that our writer compensates for feelings of inadequacy by overplaying his accomplishments. The tied loops in both “H”s show persistence. This man is going to try, try, try again until he reaches his goal.

Dalton McGuinty This signature indicates a fine mind with excellent problem-solving ability and the desire to learn new things. The loop in the “t” indicates over-sensitivity to how he’s perceived by others on a professional level. It is likely difficult for him to accept criticism. Add to this the self-consciousness found in his capital “M” and the self-protection demonstrated by his curly “D,” and you may start to get a picture of a man who, as a potential leader, is less self-assured than one might want him to be. A fine politician stroke occurs in the form of the “a” in Dalton: its openness implies a desire to communicate, while the lid that covers it indicates an ability to shift responsibility.

Yvonne Oliver is a professionally certified handwriting analyst and psychotherapist intern. Check out her website

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