These GTA neighbourhoods have the highest COVID-19 positivity rates

A new report finds areas in Brampton, Lawrence and Mississauga are especially vulnerable

As the COVID-19 pandemic has progressed, demographic data has improved the way we understand the virus and its impact. Toronto research group ICES has been collecting COVID-19 positivity rates in different neighbourhoods throughout the GTHA.

The newest report gathers public health testing data from Ontario (not including long-term care homes) until November 7.

The report graphs the areas by the first three digits of their postal code. The highest is L6P – a neighbourhood in Brampton from Queen to the south, Mayfield to the north, Highway 50 to the east and Airport Road to the west. The area has a COVID-19 positivity rate of 19 per cent.

Slightly behind that with 18.7 per cent is M6L in Toronto, a northwest area that includes Lawrence to the south, the 401 to the north, Caledonia Road to the east and Jane to the west.

Those two are the highest, followed closely behind by a neighbourhood in Mississauga close to Pearson airport and another Brampton area. Also in the list are Thorncliffe Park and Jane and Finch.

The overall test positivity in Ontario during the same November 1-7 period is 3.7 per cent.

Public health workers in the province have been pushing for community-led testing in vulnerable areas, which may have extra barriers to COVID-19 testing.

Clearly, the numbers are not standard throughout the city or the province. And as the numbers continue to rise, paying attention to this data can help tailor our response.


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