Five of the most ridiculous gifts at the TTC Shop

No, I don't want a $90 shower curtain to remind me of how awful riding the TTC is everyday




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Bah, Humbug!

Public transportation-themed gifts are very hard to get right. The "Mind the Gap" thing with the London Underground was brilliant, but that and maybe a T-shirt with the New Orleans streetcar or maybe the San Francisco cable car are about the only public transportation gifts I would be happy to see in my stocking. Commuting is not a festive occasion.

Will 5 days ago

idea suggestion ...

TTC should sell keychain compasses for people who are new to the city or new to downtown in general
it would sure help people to find their way around

kas 8 days ago

Here's the deal...

I'll happily pay $90 for your shower curtain if you require everyone to bathe before entering the TTC.

R.Edwards 8 days ago

Sourpuss much?

There is such a thing of being proud of the city you live in, you know. While the TTC isn't perfect, these products reflect pride in our city and I think a lot of people will love them.

Jinky 8 days ago


We are a gr8 city with pride in everything that is ours. Each parent loves all their children regardless of which ones are the smartest or cutest. Our TTC is far better than many other cities' transit systems. It's all ours .the good . The bad and the Ugly...I can never understand how some people cry in their beer and whine in their wine. Helpless and hopeless souls.

Vic 8 days ago

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