Time to reward tenants who pay their rent

Governments turning rent into social assistance

Re Tenants Face “Wave Of Evictions” As Stay-At-Home Order Lifts In Toronto (NOW Online, March 8)

Throughout the pandemic tenants in Ontario have had access to CERB, EI, portable housing benefit, social assistance and rent banks. Many tenants have been able to pay rent, food and utilities with the emergency benefits offered. Some tenants chose not to pay rent. Those tenants may not qualify for rent bank assistance, since they have to prove financial hardship. 

We had housing issues well before COVID. In 2018-2019 there were 82,095  applications brought before the Landlord and Tenant Board.  Some 73,738 of those applications were by landlords. Some 62 per cent were for non-payment of rent. Why is the government turning landlords into a social agency? Why are tenants requesting free rent? Why isn’t the government guiding tenants to available housing funds?

Thankfully, good landlords and good tenants have the Landlord Credit Bureau. Landlords can report a tenant’s payment history to the LCB. Those tenants that pay rent can reap the benefits. Tenants can also share their payment history with potential landlords. Time to reward the people who deserve it.

Kayla AndradeFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

More rental buildings for low-income needed

The ones that suffer the most in the current rental market are the children. The last thing we need is more homeless people suffering from the elements. More low-income buildings for those most vulnerable are needed. This is Canada.


What happens to the homeless?

In Ontario, it’s always presumed the bottom of the housing pyramid will just move or couch surf. What about the portion that will just be added to the homeless population?

William Ryde From NOWTORONTO.COM

Housing bubble babble

A bungalow is listed for $2.2 million and there’s no bubble (NOW Online, March 13)? There’s definitely a housing bubble right now. I’ve told my buyers to wait. Sure it’s a seller’s market. But when you see 30 to 40 offers on a listing that’s not normal.

Krista AjarrayFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Real estate reality check

Never ever believe what a real estate agent says. They’re profiting from the outrageous prices and that is all they care about. They have less integrity than politicians.


The Big Lebowski a “classic” for men mostly

Re 40 At 40: Jeff Bridges And Cult Classic The Big Lebowski (NOW Online, March 8) To me, The Big Lebowski is a guy’s film. Most of the men I’ve talked to absolutely loved it. I hated it – every second of it.

Ellis Portal From NOWTORONTO.COM

Kim’s Convenience was about real people

So very sad to see that Kim’s Convenience will no longer be on CBC (NOW Online, March 8). I love that show – real people, real storylines. It was wonderful to watch. It cheered everyone up and made us all laugh. The characters are marvellously relateable. Why on earth is it being taken off the air? It’s a big mistake. An enormous thank you to all the actors. You will be missed.


Royal shitshow steals world spotlight

The world is reeling from Harry and Meghan’s devastating interview. Well, I watch the news on a daily basis and I couldn’t give a crap about these two.

Harry and Meghan are tabloid fare. Prince Willy is second in line for the British throne. His little bro is something like sixth yet he’s the one getting all the attention right now. Hey is this what it’s all about stealing the spotlight? Despite all her trials, I’m sure Meghan will do much better than Fergie or Diana because unlike them she’s an actor. So she has more experience dealing with subtext.

Andrew BaranofskiToronto


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