City pooches bike plan

Plus, a solution to the Trinity Bellwoods Park mess-up, gay village nostalgia and nothing but Netflix in Letters To The Editor

Bike plan a dog’s breakfast

It’s all well and good that our city is affording ample opportunities for cycling as a viable means of transportation on major routes like Bloor and University (NOW Online, May 25), but it’s a little surprising they didn’t consult experts about the impact of cycling – and dog walkers – on wildlife and their habitats along multi-use trails and uninhabited areas. In the Rosedale Valley, for example, and the Don along Bayview, dogs and mechanized bikes all distress wildlife. Toronto would do well to make certain areas like High Park and the Toronto Islands off-limits to dog walkers and mechanized bike traffic.

Christopher Mansour


Climate change a bigger threat than COVID-19

Air quality in the GTA has improved since COVID-19. Fewer vehicles mean cleaner air. 

But public transit ridership has dropped and services across the GTA and the province are facing a financial crisis (NOW, May 21-27). 

Fortunately, there is a way to keep both the air clean and public transit solvent – closing major routes into the GTA to all non-essential vehicle traffic. 

If authorities can issue stay-at-home orders and fine those without a reason to go out during the COVID-19 crisis, they have the power to order private vehicles to stay at home. 

People must switch how they travel. 

It’s time to put 24-hour media coverage of COVID-19 aside and see the truth that climate change is the biggest threat to humanity, not a virus. 

Now is the time for a progressive change to save our environment.

Gloria Bergen


Trinity-Bellwoods mess-up

Having just read your article on the mess-up of social distancing this past weekend in Trinity Bellwoods Park (NOW Online, May 24), my sister and I, both seniors, have come up with what might be a simple solution. 

Ontario residents all have OHIP cards. If the city were to require those who flout distancing suggestions to provide OHIP numbers, hospitals could easily enough track who is putting themselves, their loved ones and companions and all the rest of us at risk.

This might be an incentive for sun worshippers, frisbee players and soccer ballers to keep their distance.

Sue Rumack


No saving Dave’s

RE Dave’s… Closes On St. Clair West -After 10 Years (NOW Online, May 22). Yet another small business shuttered due to the ridiculous inaction/mis-action of the government (at various levels). How many more will need to close before someone with some ability to do something does something? Dave’s was a great pub one of the few good ones in the area. I will miss it greatly.

Miranda Tempest


Better than Netflix 

It’s great that you post those Netflix updates (NOW Online, May 22).

In fact, you do a way better job of it than Netflix, which sends these lame teasers. I find their site difficult to navigate.

Frank Vetere


Village nostalgia for Blue Peter

Love the artwork in Eric Kostiuk Williams’ comic, Pre-Pandemic Nostalgia For The Church-Wellesley Village (NOW, May 21-27). I too wish we could come together to mourn Blue Peter’s death.  

Alex Bourgeau 


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