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Rating: NNNNNI was there to make a case look good.Disgraced forensic pathologist Charles Smith says he was just doing what.

Rating: NNNNN

I was there to make a case look good.Disgraced forensic pathologist Charles Smith says he was just doing what he thought was expected of him when he fixed evidence for the Crown. Put him behind bars.

Homeless numbers game

Great. The city’s Streets To Homes program was recently nominated for a World Habitat Award. According to stats, the program’s helped house 1,500 people since 2005. Almost 90 per cent of them remain housed. The catch (isn’t there always a catch?) is that much of the program’s housing is substandard – think TCHC rejects. Streets To Homes is also not prioritizing families with children, seniors or people who have just had surgery and are still stuck in a hostel. It’s those the city views as a nuisance (i.e., those living on the street) who are getting first dibs. Back to the drawing board.

Focus off black-focus

School Trustee Stephnie Payne, one of two black members of the board, turned the tables this week to vote against a black-focused school. (See related story, page 24.) More than a few parents in Ward 4 will be miffed. And they should be. The recently released Falconer report on school safety identified a huge divide between white teachers and black students in the area. If the board’s looking for a locale now that it’s approved a black-focused school, this is where it’s most needed.

Renewables in the wind


Yes, the province might have granted you the right to sell extra energy from your solar panels or wind turbines back to the grid like, oh, two years ago. But most green, enterprising Torontonians couldn’t get past the whopping 43 zoning bylaws that made following through on the revolutionary offer illegal. Good news is, it looks like the city is beginning to, well, see the light on this one, moving to write another bylaw to override the ones standing in the way of energy projects. Finally, we can all breathe a little easier.

Peds climate change casualties

A lethal 2008 for pedestrians. Five have been mowed down by cars so far this year, four in the first week alone. Pedestrian deaths are leading homicides by one, and at this rate we’ll have eclipsed 2007’s 22 deaths by summer. The carnage seems to be following a familiar pattern: aggressive driving at night. But police also note the role being played by “constantly changing weather conditions.” Climate change seems to be killing us off in more ways every day.

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