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Rating: NNNNNour city turns its lonely eyes to you (woo, woo, woo)our city turns its lonely eyes to you (woo,.

Rating: NNNNN

our city turns its lonely eyes to you (woo, woo, woo)our city turns its lonely eyes to you (woo, woo, woo)

Why did Mayor Mel’s wife, Marilyn, leave early on opening night of The Graduate? Upfront spied Mrs. Lastman hailing a limo outside the Canon Theatre toward the end of intermission. No word on whether T.O.’s first lady was feeling under the weather. (Or put off by Kathleen Turner’s naughty bits?) Or perhaps inspired, she was off home early to surprise Mel. Hell-lo, Mrs. Robinson!

raising the bar raising the bar

Students in Law for the Advancement of Minorities at U of T have taken issue with the administration, which wants to raise law school tuition to $22,000 a year. The group says the school is being hypocritical, raising its fees on the one hand while on the other saying it wants to attract more minorities. Indeed, the last thing the world needs besides more lawyers is more white lawyers.

fantino’s same old, same old fantino’s same old, same old

Is T.O. the world centre of child pornography? That’s what police chief Julian Fantino’s force claimed at a recent press conference highlighting a massive kiddie porn bust. The cops didn’t offer any stats. In fact, experts reportedly say the problem is no worse than in other jurisdictions. Fantino’s done this before — anyone remember London?

grit sister spurnedgrit sister spurned

Prime Minister Jean Chretien really came off looking like a little dictator when he reamed intelligent, capable and overlooked Toronto MP Carolyn Bennett for publicly complaining about the lack of women in the new Liberal cabinet. You go, sister. If there were a possibility that we had to sit beside Maria Minna or Joe Peschisolido during Question Period, we’d be screaming for justice, too.

don’t “screw” updon’t “screw” up

A recent U of T study reports that only 11 per cent of johns who were forced to attend a one-day seminar on the evils of prostitution said they would reoffend. But, the scientists noted, this does not mean that all will be true to their word. No!?

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