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Rating: NNNNNeckler's headspaceeckler's headspace As if we needed more evidence that National Post columnist Rebecca Eckler's identity is wrapped up in.

Rating: NNNNN

eckler’s headspaceeckler’s headspace

As if we needed more evidence that National Post columnist Rebecca Eckler’s identity is wrapped up in her job. We were looking for a hat on eBay when we were confronted by this little number, which Eckler donated to a benefit auction for the Canadian Women’s Foundation. Last time we checked, the leading bid was $63. If it weren’t such a good cause, we’d suggest dropping a quarter for the right-wing rag and making your own. Andrew Coyne’s column might make a nice bowler.

the wrong guythe wrong guy

Go figure. The Toronto Star has editorialized against practically every major Tory initiative in this province over the last seven years (with the exception of amalgamation). So what do they do? They have Mike Harris’s former chief of staff and one of the behind-the-scenes architects of the Common Sense Revolution, Guy Giorno, writing on the op-ed page. A twisted attempt not to appear so hopelessly Liberal? Joseph Atkinson, that “champion of the less fortunate,” is doing backflips in the great press club in the sky.

dopey rcmp statsdopey rcmp stats

So, according to the RCMP, the amount of heroin seized in this country dropped by more than half in 2001, to 74 kilograms, because of successive big busts the year before. But another RCMP stat might also explain why they’re finding a lot less heroin: in 2001 Canadian law enforcement officers were busy seizing 28,746 kilograms of marijuana bricks and 1.3 million marijuana plants. It appears they may be targeting pot instead of smack.

tory minister raises a glass

We thought it was ironic that Tory minister Tim Hudak teamed up with Ontario wineries recently to help homegrown vintners grab a bigger market share. Hudak, of course, was one of a couple of Tory ministers who reportedly put taxpayers on the hook for their alcohol tab. At least the minister is promoting domestic booze.

Soul music wouldn’t be what it is today without the city of Philadelphia. So says Jarvis Church on the cover of Sony’s recent re-release of Philly soul classics. Never heard of Jarvis Church? Neither had we. Turns out the guy with the Toronto-friendly moniker is Gerald Eaton, lead singer of former T.O. soul stylists the Philosopher Kings, who’s just about to release his major-label solo debut. We don’t know what kind of expert Church is on Philly soul, but some marketer has figured out how to plaster his name around.

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