Rating: NNNNNcops shoot hoops Toronto's finest recently came up with a creative way to get guns off the streets. They gave.

Rating: NNNNN

cops shoot hoops

Toronto’s finest recently came up with a creative way to get guns off the streets. They gave away Raptors tickets for every gun turned in. Sounds like racial profiling. How do they know golfers and Leafs fans aren’t packing heat?

you are what you are

We nearly choked on our fine herb when we heard top Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young tickets for this week’s shows at the ACC were going for a cool $226 and T-shirts were $45. Dudes, whatever happened to peace, love and communal bliss? You know, music for the masses? You’d have to be a corporate sellout, or maybe a dope dealer, to afford that ticket.

taxing times

Forget dollarization or a single security perimeter around North America. The biggest sign that the U.S. is angling for total domination of the Great White North is the fact that the New York Times has decided to reopen a Canadian bureau in Toronto. A few years ago they decided to kill the Canuck outpost because of high taxation and to cover Canada from Colorado. It seems the tax-cutting Liberals and Tories have now made it palatable for the Times to return and fulfill the U.S.’s manifest destiny.

genie buzz

Win big in your office Genie pool? You’d have had to be friggin’ Kreskin to chalk up points, since the night’s big winner, Atanarjuat (which picked up five awards including best picture), has never been shown commercially in Canada. The Genie Awards have become an expensive electronic press kit whose true purpose is to create buzz for a Canadian film that hasn’t yet shown up in your local multiplex.

no free press in u.s. base

So Toronto Star reporter Mitch Potter was kicked out of a “coalition” (read U.S.) military base in Kandahar for reporting too many details about the prisoners and the forces there. Apparently, it didn’t matter that our defence minister, Art Eggleton, had already yakked about the base in public. Sympathies to our colleague, but you dance with the one who brung you.

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