Rating: NNNNNgraffiti of the weeksun stars and stripes Despite showing U.S. and Canadian flags in the front window of the Toronto.

Rating: NNNNN

graffiti of the week

sun stars and stripes

Despite showing U.S. and Canadian flags in the front window of the Toronto Sun since 9/11, the tab says it didn’t paint the “Voice of America” slogan on its walls recently. Apparently, this otherwise accurate take on the Sun’s unabashed pro-Yank editorial stance is just graffiti and not a new marketing strategy.

rink diplomacy

We’d like to thank the U.S. media for causing enough of a fuss that Canada did get its stolen gold medal in pairs figure skating at the Olympics. If there’s anything we can do, besides bombing Iraq and relinquishing our sovereignty, just holler.

grit green

So where do the Liberals stand on the Kyoto accord to cut greenhouse gas emissions? Beats us. The Globe and Mail reported this week that Environment Minister David Anderson is in no hurry to ratify it by spring. But that same day a Toronto Star story maintained that the Grits are committed to signing. Can you say waffle?

babs broadsided

The Toronto Star called former Toronto mayor and burning mayoral-candidate-to-be Barbara Hall this week to apologize for an inaccurate letter that made it into the paper. The letter was critical of Hall for being the mayor who wanted to stop the Barenaked Ladies from performing at City Hall. Of course, it was former mayor June Rowlands, not Hall, who banned the Ladies from Nathan Phillips Square in 1993. As if Hall doesn’t already have to overcome the perception that she’s yesterday’s candidate.

eatons: the final, final chapter

Is anybody really surprised that Sears (Sears!) failed to make Eatons hip? Of course not. Now that the giant U.S. retailer has thrown in the overpriced designer towel, here are some other overhyped American-style businesses we’d like to nip in the bud before they show up on the site:

Timmy E’s 24-hour rollerama

Planet Hollywood 2

World’s Biggest IHOP (10 floors, no waiting!)

Uncle Sam’s Dollar Daze — where your greenback goes further.

We do recommend turning the joint into a market for local artisans. (FYI, Cadillac Fairview, this isn’t a joke.)

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