Rating: NNNNNhurry! hard! hurry!Canada's most egotistical movie producer, Robert Lantos, held up the world premiere screening of his new film,.

Rating: NNNNN

hurry! hard! hurry!

Canada’s most egotistical movie producer, Robert Lantos, held up the world premiere screening of his new film, Men With Brooms, for an hour while he made sure 19 of the cast and crew walked up the little red carpet in front of the Uptown Theatre. An MC told the A-list crowd to be grateful because the tardiness marked the coming of age of Canadian film — apparently, it’s hip to be late in Hollywood. (Aren’t we supposed to be New York run by the Swiss?) Norman Jewison, Patricia Rozema, Sonja Smits and Brian Linehan were part of the crowd that impatiently stomped and clapped during the delay and finally booed during the intros. A strictly amateur display for the biggest Canadian film of the year.

lay off the patriotism Chevrolet, the Canadian Olympic men’s and women’s hockey teams’ “proudest sponsor,” placed a full-page Canadian flag cut-out in the daily papers Monday. “Post this in any window to show how proud you are,” Chevy suggests. We’re sure the 932 employees General Motors (which makes Chevy cars) laid off this month from its St. Catharines plant are so damn proud that they’ll pin the flag right up beside their pink slips.

bush’s canuck jester

Just when we were starting to feel good about being Canadian again, word comes from Washington that Canuck anomaly and, until recently, White House speech writer David Frum penned George Dubya Bush’s ridiculous “axis of evil” line. Now it all makes sense — Canuck funny guys have always flourished south of the border. Thanks for the laugh, David.

caught in a trap

The Ministry of Natural Resources went around collecting illegal wolf snares from MPPs at Queen’s Park this week. No, the Tories haven’t started hunting Liberals. Earthroots wanted to make the point that the Ontario government isn’t doing enough to enforce the law banning possession of the traps — which strangle the animal — in Ontario. So they ordered 144 snares from a Quebec company and gave them to the media and MPPs. Apparently, the crack security team at the legislature let them walk right in.

event of the week

do right by dudley

Who killed Dudley George? For fear of a spurious libel suit from a certain high-ranking government official, we won’t even hazard a theory. But if you want a public inquiry, get out to the support rally and concert Friday (March 1) at Convocation Hall (31 King’s College Circle, U of T). Andy Maize and Tantoo Cardinal are among the many performers. Tickets are $10, students and unwaged $5.

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