Rating: NNNNNfalling star?Hey, what's with all the free Toronto Stars being handed out around town? Could it be that Torstar.

Rating: NNNNN

falling star?

Hey, what’s with all the free Toronto Stars being handed out around town? Could it be that Torstar is starting to feel the crunch of that $87-million net loss last year and desperately needs to generate new readers? Force-feeding is a good strategy. It did wonders for the National Post. Maybe the Star wouldn’t mind listing its free paper sites every day so we can cancel our paid subscription.

roll call Upfront’s police mole has heard that senior officers recently told dictatorial police chief Julian Fantino to start consulting them or they just might not be around to bail him out next time he bombs.

’cause i wanna be an-ar-chy

Can’t say we’re at all shocked that SONY is selling the Black Bloc back to kids in the form of a PlayStation 2 video game. The multinational has come up with State Of Emergency, where anarchists whack corporate goons. Frankly, it’s predictable that SONY feels it can get away with co-opting the anti-globalization movement. If they come out with Skyscraper Suicide Bombers or Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade Shootout, then we’ll turn in our joysticks.

blowing smoke

When a drug education symposium is advertised in the National Post, you know it’s not the kind of gathering where you’re going to find cut-rate bongs and roach clips. No, the program to be presented May 1 to 3 in Vancouver by the International Drug Education and Awareness Society and ultra-right buddies Drug Free America Foundation — the Florida-based lobby group that opposes medicinal marijuana along with pretty much all other forms of drug use — hopes to educate Canadians about prevention, law enforcement and treatment. Yeah, we can learn a lot from the, er, success of U.S. drug policies.

mystery object of the week

chimney sweep

On a tip, we checked out a crude chimney erected over a sidewalk grate at Simcoe and King that happens to be a regular bedding-down spot for the homeless. Numerous calls to the city for an explanation were in vain. Just a vent, perhaps? Or is the black-tie set tired of stepping over folks on their way into the symphony? Hmm.

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