Rating: NNNNNstop us if you've heard this beforestop us if you've heard this before We were tickled to learn.

Rating: NNNNN

stop us if you’ve heard this beforestop us if you’ve heard this before

We were tickled to learn that tree-hugger par excellence Glenn De Baeremaeker and others held a press conference Wednesday to “expose destructive details of the province’s moraine deal with developers.” Is this the same De Baeremaeker who just months ago said the deal was a victory while NOW sounded the alarm?

gimme sheltergimme shelter

On Tuesday, about two dozen demonstrators from the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee occupied acting commissioner of community and neighbourhood services Eric Gam’s office to protest the city’s refusal to open more shelter beds. TDRC charges that Gam is blocking the move to get more beds. When are senior city bureaucrats going to learn that adapting policy from the Toronto Sun’s op-ed page isn’t good for the city?

why can’t we be friends?why can’t we be friends?

B’nai Brith took out full-page newspaper ads last week criticizing Canada’s lack of support for Israel. But when you look at the record, besides the U.S., Israel would be hard-pressed to find a better friend.

Officially, “Canada opposes all… one-sided resolutions” and “respects Israel’s right to a proportionate response against attacks, including terrorism.”

So what was B’nai Brith thinking?

disappearance of the week

Turns out it was Enwave District Energy Limited that erected the strange street chimney at King and Simcoe we told you about last week. The company says blockages (i.e., homeless people) were causing maintenance problems. However, since they didn’t have a permit, the city made them remove it, pronto. (Yeah, we narked.) So enjoy the free steam heat.

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