Rating: NNNNNout of controlJust days after the city's cycling committee invited citizens to make suggestions about how to make T.O.'s.

Rating: NNNNN

out of control

Just days after the city’s cycling committee invited citizens to make suggestions about how to make T.O.’s streets safer for two-wheelers, yet another cyclist has been seriously injured by an errant driver. This woman was travelling east on Bloor at Palmerston Friday afternoon when she was struck by a car making a right turn. Do we have to say it again? Drivers beware and share the road.

the buzz on the ndp

We appreciate more than most how the NDP strives to be the social conscience at Queen’s Park. But with a civil service strike raging and communities across the province reeling from the Tories’ right-wing rule, we’ve got to wonder what leader Howard Hampton was doing holding a press conference Monday (April 8) to call for the eradication of the West Nile virus. What’s bitten Howard?

change the channel

How about the Toronto Star’s page-3 coverage of the CRTC’s rejection of Torstar’s bid for a local Toronto television station in favour of Craig Broadcast Systems’ Toronto One proposal? Star TV reporter Antonia Zerbisias noted that her parent company’s bid was “not only in the public interest but also hewed to all the fine principles the commission itself has been espousing for years.” Frankly, we’re at a loss to explain how Torstar’s smug sense of entitlement didn’t dazzle them.

svend diplomacy

OK, expecting a meeting with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was a little over the top. But unlike Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham, at least NDP MP Svend Robinson was brave enough to witness the violence on the ground in the West Bank for himself. Frankly, we’re glad lippy Svend made a bold move at a time when the Liberals seem to be content to sit back and let George Bush dictate our foreign policy in the region.

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