Rating: NNNNN Phantom of the 50-yard line Why is it that the Toronto Argonauts' off-field antics are more interesting than watching.

Rating: NNNNN

Phantom of the 50-yard line

Why is it that the Toronto Argonauts’ off-field antics are more interesting than watching the game? This week the club trotted out embattled showbiz impresario Garth Drabinsky, their “marketing consultant,” to introduce the new pre-game and halftime entertainment. There’s no talk this season about pre-game strippers or halftime Blues Brothers shows. Watch for Amanda Marshall and the faux Austin Powers dance review. Not exactly the bright lights of the Pantages is it?

T.O. Ain’t no Rodeo

When the CBC asked for an audience phone-in vote to choose the best of two new shows, viewers picked An American In Canada, a comedy about, well, a Yank living in Calgary, over Rideau Hall, an Ottawa-based show about a good-time girl who becomes Governor General. (No, it’s not the life and times of Adrienne Clarkson.) Given the way democracy works at the CBC and Telefilm, the mother corp chose to run Rideau Hall. Apparently, it was shot in the nation’s capital, whereas the Calgary-set show was filmed in T.O. OK, so the mountain scenes would have been a challenge. But there is talk about turning the Keele dump into a ski hill.

Shake that Butt, Sister

“They want us to be dependent and weak. Fuck that.” So says Sluts Against Butts at www.slutsagainstbutts.com, a meeting place where women can get the lowdown on how to dish it back to Big Tobacco. Tired of being manipulated and marketed to? This is the place to go. Yup, you’ve come a long way, baby.

Medical Breakthrough of the Week

A university prof in the States surveys 4,500 students nationwide and reports that girls with piercings anywhere but their ears were more than twice as likely to have had sex, smoked, shoplifted, skipped school, lied to their parents and painted graffiti. We can’t decide what’s more ridiculous, the study or the fact that the National Post played it big on page two.

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