Rating: NNNNNticket travestyCity councillor Howard Moscoe shouldn't expect free tickets in the mail any time soon. The Ontario Professional Ticketing.

Rating: NNNNN

ticket travesty

City councillor Howard Moscoe shouldn’t expect free tickets in the mail any time soon. The Ontario Professional Ticketing Association is peeved that the outspoken pol is proposing to license scalpers. The association charges that Moscoe has a conflict because he reportedly admitted that he was a scalper in his youth and that his brother owns a ticket agency. Gotcha, Howard. The association, which represents most of the venues in the city, as well as the biggest ticket hawker of them all, Ticketmaster, says it’s worried about harassment of its customers, which could taint the entire event-attendance experience. Who knew Ticketmaster cared? Still, we consider forking out over $100 at the box office to see the Leafs at the ACC or a band at the acoustically challenged Skydome just as tainted.

really, it’s not the hair

We can see why councillor Gerry Altobello wouldn’t be too pleased with the Toronto Sun’s recent remark that he could lube a car with his hair, given that the pol’s family background is Italian. Racist? Perhaps. But, hey, the councillor who does little more than warm his seat is getting some press.

she’s baaack

With the Pope safely out of town, the Toronto Sun decided to put the Sunshine Girl back on page 3 for the month of August. The, er, position of the Sunshine Girl has been a major political conundrum at the tab in recent years. Some figured her days were numbered when it moved her to the back of the paper with the jocks. Maybe the Sun honchos are getting desperate? Maybe they need every curve they can get to stay alive in this lean and mean newspaper war?

a city reflects

In a full-page thank-you in a local daily newspaper, Toronto’s Archbishop Aloysius Ambrozic noted that “for a few days (the city) reflected on what it means to share a kind word with a stranger, about ways of transcending ethnic boundaries, on how young people can truly change the fabric of our community, our country, our world.”

Really, we reflected on whether we were ever going to get a streetcar on pilgrim-packed King Street, whether we would have to endure another anti-abortion march outside our office and how many teenagers had an out-of-wedlock, blinded-by-the-light, go-straight-to-the-confessional romp in T.O.

Liberal sighting of the week

Ex-federal bean-counter Paul Martin was in town this week to throw a party for supporters. Word is, his campaign office has opened at 365 Bloor East, which means that while it suits him he’ll have more presence than most of the federal Grits actually elected to represent this town.

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