Rating: NNNNNpresident's no choice Greenpeace released its How To Avoid Genetically Engineered Food Guide last week. Apparently the folks at Loblaws.

Rating: NNNNN

president’s no choice

Greenpeace released its How To Avoid Genetically Engineered Food Guide last week. Apparently the folks at Loblaws were not eager to participate. They refused to respond to several requests from the group to provide info on what’s in their line of President’s Choice Organics. We’d expect more from the largest grocery retailer in Canada. We’d hate to conclude that their organics are messing with our DNA.

tusk tusk

George Mammoliti, the councillor who can’t stop making an ass of himself, was at it again this week. This time he rode an elephant to commemorate the opening of a park in North York. We won’t mention the $100,000 Mel’s friends at the Molson Indy Foundation kicked in for creation of the green space. But as chair of the city’s zoo board, Mammoliti should know that elephant-riding contravenes city bylaws. And this from the guy who wants to save the great apes from extinction in Africa.

missing link

Yet another sign that Barb Hall is feeling the heat in her undeclared bid for mayor came this week with the startling revelation that Babs favours a fixed link to the Island Airport. What’s the visionary former mayor thinking? Or is she is just shilling for the support of the CAW, which is bucking for jobs? There goes the waterfront.

rasta razzed

Justice of the peace P. Romain has suddenly become the subject of a human rights complaint after insisting that Rasta Michael Ross, who appeared before him on a traffic offence recently, remove his “hat.” It may be a hat to you, yer honour, but it’s a religious head covering to me, says Ross. See you in court.

bush whacked

A group of 100 prominent Canadians — among them Margaret Atwood, Pierre Berton, Robert Bateman, David Suzuki and Buffy Sainte-Marie — have added their names to a statement opposing a war against Iraq. Anything to keep the feds on the side of sanity. Aren’t the Iraqi civilians who will be killed as precious as the victims of 9/11?

gaffe of the week

Our dear Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, is taking some flak from Tibetan activists for sending a letter of support to organizers of China-Tibet cultural festivities this week. The Chinese-government-sponsored event is seen by Free Tibet activists as just another way of assimilating Tibet, which has suffered through 50 years of Chinese occupation. Clarkson’s spokesperson Stewart Wheeler says the letter was simply sent to encourage Canadians to explore multiculturalism and develop a deeper understanding of culture. It’s absolutely unrelated to any national or political circumstance. That’s too bad.

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