Walker, Michael, really has it over Walker, Jim

Rating: NNNNNCouncil incumbent Michael Walker has smelled a rat in the mayor's office ever since Jim Walker decided to enter.

Rating: NNNNN

Council incumbent Michael Walker has smelled a rat in the mayor’s office ever since Jim Walker decided to enter the race against him in midtown.

It turns out Walker, Michael wasn’t just experiencing one of those bouts of paranoia his critics like to accuse him of.

Besides the backing of Tories like former Mike Harris cabinet minister Bill Saunderson, Walker, Jim also has Mel insider, political lobbyist and all-around wheeler-dealer Bruce Davis in his corner.

Davis has recently been ushering Walker, Jim around at various and sundry political fundraisers, introducing him to all the right people.

How does Davis, a Liberal, justify bucking for Walker, Jim, a Tory?

“I’m in the business of trying to get things done at City Hall, and Michael is not a guy you can work with,” says Davis.


But judging by residents’ reactions at an all-candidates debate last week, it may take more than the right political connections for Walker, Jim to unseat Walker, Michael.

The former was swimming against prevailing sentiment on the Olympics (he’s for) at the gathering, and on the now-dead proposal to dump T.O.’s garbage in Kirkland Lake’s Adams Mine. (He wouldn’t give a straight answer when asked if he was for or against.)

Walker, Jim, however, has at least found some common, albeit soiled, ground with dog owners in the area looking to undo a bylaw prohibiting dogs from running unleashed in neighbourhood parks.

Walker, Jim, who runs a pet food chain and is president of a local dog owners association, would like to see some accommodation made for dog owners.

Walker, Michael says the pooches are making a mess and he’s not going to stand by and watch area parks go to the dogs.

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