Weird scenes inside the clamshell

Rob Ford’s speechifying set the tone for a oddball afternoon at the inaugural meeting of council Monday. A few snapshots from the less noticed happenings around the edges of the council chamber amid the pomp and circumstance.


Most unnerving part Ford stumbled slightly over his oath of office. Was it just me hearing things or did he mangle the bit where he promised to carry out his duties “conscientiously”?

Biggest embarrassment Besides Don Cherry’s “pinkos” and “kooks” speech, it’s gotta be Councillor Karen Stintz’s big black knee-high boots. Decorum, please.

Queerest moment The kiss (or was that a tongue?) planted by Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker on (in?) Ford’s ear. It happened when the councillor went up to be presented with his framed copy of the councillors’ oath of office by the mayor.

Most touching moment When Ford made his way from the council chamber to the City Hall rotunda to greet his subjects, who’d been watching his speech on a jumbo screen.

Fashion crime The big-ass cuffs on Ford’s white shirt. He looked like he was auditioning for a part in Boardwalk Empire.

Heartening part The singing of O Canada with French verses included – with Quebec-baiting Don Cherry in the room.

Disappointing part Not one councillor saw fit to send a message and vote against – even for symbolic purposes – Ford’s choices to chair committees of council.

Eyebrow-raisers There were two. First, rookie Councillor Ana Bailão’s appointment to the Striking Committee. Ford scored quite a few votes in her ward. Second, rookie Councillor Mary Fragedakis’s cozying up to el Fordo. Ew.

Jackass award Councillor David Shiner, who strode the clamshell like he’s all that. Mel’s former budget chief is delusional if he thinks he’ll be a major actor in this regime – his seats on the Executive and Striking Committees notwithstanding.

Sign of things to come Ford’s three-headed monster, aka chief of staff Nick Kouvalis, director of policy Mark Towhey and press secretary Adrienne Batra, taking it all in from stage right. No doubt they’ll have their man’s back wherever he goes.

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