What’s on your chopsticks?

A guide to making eco sushi choices

AVOID Farmed sake (salmon)

BETTER CHOICE Wild Canadian Pacific salmon (check the state of wild stocks at seachoice.org) or farmed Arctic char.

AVOID Farmed and wild imported ebi (shrimp), except those from the U.S.

BETTER CHOICE Wild, trapped BC amaebi (spot prawns)

AVOID Toro (bluefin tuna/tuna belly) wild, longline-caught shiro maguro (albacore tuna)

BETTER CHOICE Wild BC and U.S. troll- and pole-caught shiro maguro (albacore tuna)

AVOID All unagi (freshwater eel)

BETTER CHOICE Mushrooms in kabeyaki sauce

Download a seafood guide @ seachoice.org

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