What it’s like to work at a grocery store during the second wave

No Frills worker Rechev Browne explains how the sentiment celebrating frontline "heroes" has withered along with pandemic pay

One of our most popular stories in the spring was an interview with Rechev Browne, a grocery store worker at No Frills who we interviewed for our issue on frontline workers.

Eight months later, we catch up with Browne to find out the job hazards of working through COVID-19, dealing with people’s daily frustrations and microaggressions, the baggage that comes with being labelled a “hero” and organizing workers. He explains how attitudes have evolved and the sentiment celebrating frontline workers has withered away along with pandemic pay.

Listen to Rechev Browne chat with NOW political editor Enzo DiMatteo about his experiences working in a grocery store in the months since the spring lockdown below.

NOW What is a twice-weekly podcast that explores the ways Torontonians are coping with life in the time of coronavirus. New episodes are available Tuesdays and Fridays.


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