11:30 am, Monday, November 25, at the.

11:30 am, Monday, November 25, at the Safe Space And Shelter For Women Now! rally, Dundas East and Sherbourne. Homeless women experience high levels of violence. Thirty-seven per cent report being physically assaulted in the past year.



The contra-flow bike lane nearing completion on Shaw from Dupont to Dundas is the talk of the town for those who get around on two wheels. Too bad it’s the only thing going on in terms of new cycling infrastructure this year. The lane was approved in 2008 but delayed by provincial roadblocks. Meanwhile, we’ve lost nine cyclists since March 2012. ARC holds a memorial ride for Adrian Dudzicki, killed on Sheppard last week, starting at 8:30 am Friday (November 29) at Bloor and Spadina.

Photo by Martin Reis



What Overboard Additions, a photography-inspired “intervention” at University just north of Queen that draws attention to the proliferation of condo sandwich boards

When On any given Friday night and on weekends when condo promos, mostly illegal, can be found obstructing sidewalks and intersections around Toronto

Why Unlike other businesses, condo developers put these up in areas far away from their developments. It’s not unusual to see more than 10 on a single corner, says project organizer Sean Martindale.

Photo by Martin Reis

Ford Gets Sloppy

Rob Ford had that look in his eye at a Conservative party barbecue in Sunnybrook Park earlier this year.

Citing a “federal source,” the Star reported on November 22 that “local organizers kept the mayor from meeting the prime minister because they were concerned he was intoxicated.”

Even though he didn’t greet the PM that night, Ford did meet quite a lot of young Conservatives who were happy to take their pictures with him. Enough, in fact, that we were able to chart his apparent deterioration over the evening.

42% Rob Ford’s approval rating, according to the latest Forum poll done “exclusively” for the Toronto Sun.

19-24% The mayor’s voter support in a recent poll conducted by Ipsos Reid Discrepancy explanation Approval ratings do not equal electability.

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