Slippery send-up for PETA "Sexy ‘reptiles' to hit.

Slippery send-up for PETA

“Sexy ‘reptiles’ to hit Fashion Week with ‘Save Our Skins’ plea,” shouted the press release that landed in my inbox late last week. It was promoting a PETA demonstration taking place in conjunction with the first day of Toronto Fashion Week.

Sure enough, come Monday, March 17, four young women wearing nothing but body paint, nipple pasties, thongs and stilettos paraded in front of the Eaton Centre to freeze in the name of animal rights.

It was another disgusting example of PETA’s willingness to sell out women in the name of the org’s supposed ethical mandate.

It’s hard to take seriously an organization that preaches doing no harm to animals when it shows no regard for women. PETA has glorified rape culture, violence against women and female objectification time after time in ads and “protests.” Locally, it pops up twice a year in concert with fall and spring Fashion Weeks to paint near-naked women as various “sexy” animals.

At the very least, PETA could throw in some men and make a case for equal-opportunity objectification.

Women aren’t commodities to trade for headlines and trending hashtags.

Sabrina Maddeaux


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