Vocal Stylings If you sang karaoke at the.

Vocal Stylings

If you sang karaoke at the Gladstone any time in the last 14 years, Peter Styles likely got you started. His tenure hosting at the Melody Bar, one of the best shows in town, ended Saturday, March 22. More photos of his swan song.



WHAT Let People Vote

WHEN Noon, Tuesday, March 25

WHERE MP Joe Oliver’s constituency office, 511 Lawrence West, at Bathurst

WHY To protest Bill C23, the “Fair Elections Act,” citizens delivered a petition opposing strict voter ID requirements that could stop hundreds of thousands from voting and prevent Elections Canada from publicly reporting on election fraud.


Mass exodus at Globe and Mail

Since 2012 more than 100 people have left the Globe, almost a third of them veterans of the newsroom. Add editor-in-chief John Stackhouse to that list. Read more.


Fordian slip on bubbles

RoFo’s campaign site advertised “bubbleheads,” not bobbleheads, and the mayor’s confusion over springing forward and leaping back may be symptomatic of a problem with time in general. His website listed the first mayoral debate on March 28, two days after the actual event.

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