cracks up mayoral race with posters, animation

If you see signs asking you to vote for Ray Faranzi or Jeff McElroy, it's okay to laugh at their.

If you see signs asking you to vote for Ray Faranzi or Jeff McElroy, it’s okay to laugh at their campaign promises – the men are paid actors.

The fictitious McElroy promises to “just smoke pot as mayor” and Faranzi pledges “I will just get publicly drunk.”

This writer’s personal favourite is Jim Tomkins’ whose campaign poster reads: “When I urinate in public, I never get caught on camera.”

The signs popped up all over town, including at City Hall, on Monday, March 31.

They are the brainchild of Christina Robins, the maker of and a generous Toronto ad agency called Rethink.

Robins started the website because she wants people to know that our current mayor is not the choice for Toronto.

“What we’re trying to get across is that for four years this man has embarrassed our city,” she says. “He’s starved our city. He’s done ridiculous things. Our TTC is a complete and total mess and instead of fixing it, he makes up lies that make it worse.”

So what’s the point of the campaign signs?

“All we’re trying to say is we don’t want Ford Nation we just want Toronto,” she says.

Since she started in 2011 the site has grown and gained a generous partner in Rethink.

Caleb Goodman is the award-winning ad man partly responsible for the posters.

He explained that his agency donated their resources for the posters to creatively help get the No Ford Nation message out “and have some fun with it at a really timely moment.”

The agency is also behind a series of Family-Guy-styled animations that use Ford’s words to tell a cracked up tale about how much our mayor has to eat at home and highlights his Jamaican patois skills.

Will there be more cartoons and posters?

The quick answer is most likely.

“We’re working hard for this phase” of the campaign, said Goodman.

There’s another seven months until the vote, so the sky’s the limit for more antics from Rethink and NoFordNation.

It’s not all about Ford, either.

Robins wants people to make informed decisions and “learn all about the candidates.”

You can read about some of the other candidates on her site.

“I encourage all candidates to send us their information,” said Robins.

NOW called Rob Ford’s office, but he was not available for comment at the time of writing. | @CynthiaJMcQueen

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