NOW Cabbagetown Mom Winner!

We asked readers to tell us why their Mom rocks! After receiving a ton of great stories we have a winner!

Congratulations to April on winning our NOW Cabbagetown Mom contest with this touching story about her mom: 

My mom is my best friend and someone I have always been able to count on, and I know I will be able to for the rest of my life. She sparked my interest in travelling, taking me to so many exotic places growing up, and introducing me to all the culture and events Toronto has to offer by bringing me along to festivals and concerts. She is the most amazing cook I know, and makes sure I’m always eating healthy. My mom is caring, intelligent, kind, compassionate, funny, silly, thoughtful, and wise. She continues to support me through university and this crazy time in my life. I know if anyone deserves such a lovely prize pack for mother’s day, it’s her! – April 

April & Evelyn win $500 + a prize pack from local merchants in Cabbagetown valued at $700! 

Thank you to everyone who entered. Check out the runner up stories below!

My Mom raised me on her own in the heart of Cabbagetown when we lived in the subsidized housing apartments at Parliament & Gerrard in the 60s and 70s. Back then, the cockroaches were so big we gave them pet names. For the good times and the challenging times, my Mom deserves to win as the NOW Cabbagetown Mom! – Robbie 

My mom is compassionate, supportive, selfless, generous and loyal. She sets aside her own needs to help others. She has been a volunteer at the Red Cross and the AIDS committee of Toronto for over 10 years each. She engages our entire community in her fundraising efforts. She has collected TONS of in-kind donations for the Scarborough Red Cross Drop-In Shelter. She’s a one-of-a-kind lady with a heart of gold. – Catlin 

My mom is the COOLEST — one of the first people to try new foods, new styles, and see new plays and films. She’s the perfect figurehead to be the NOW Cabbagetown Mom of 2016 — hip, fun & ever engaged in the world and in what’s happening in town. – Heather  

My mom deserves to be the NOW Cabbagetown Mom of 2016 because she is a 65 year-old single mother who successfully raised three children and enabled us all to obtain university degrees. My mom is currently taking care of me as I undergo chemotherapy for stage four cancer. She’s a hero! – Rowena 

My mom is many things. She is the resident chef, a skilled seamstress and the best pillow around. Throughout my life she has always taught me to be more. Without her guiding me, I wouldn’t nearly be as accomplished as I am today. My mom has always seen me for my potential and challenges me to exceed myself. I want others to see my mom the way she sees me. I want everybody to know she makes the best French fries in the world and can hem a pair of pants in the blink of an eye. But most importantly, I want everybody to know that I love my mom and I believe she deserves the world. – Jonathan 

My mom is a dreamer. More so, I am a dreamer because of her. She has always encouraged my siblings and I to pursue our aspirations to the furthest reaches of our imaginations and taught us to be explorers of all that may one day be. – Amanda 

My mom is my rock and the person who holds it all together. Despite becoming a young widow, she perseveres and never complains regardless of whatever obstacle life throws her way (except a paper cut she is a loud complainer for that!). She is the person many seek out for advice and guidance. She has taught me so much and as testament to her (and my late-father) has provided me with the skills to flourish! – Leah 

My mom’s favourite flower was forsythia. Whenever I see it I think of her. And so, walking the streets of Cabbagetown, when the yellow blossoms are everywhere I have beautiful memories of a beautiful woman. – Marie 

Not my mom, but one of the greatest mom’s I know and one of my oldest friends – Erin Leigh. She’s a mom to 2-year-old twins and they’re a handful on their own! Thrown in the fact that her husband travels for work and the level of dedication to these kids is just out of this world. She just confided to me that she’s had a really rough go of things through the winter and I know a little extra love in her life would go a long way. She lives in the area and I know all of these amazing gifts would go to good use in her house. – Lindsay 

The Prize Pack includes gifts from the following merchants: 

The Epicure Shop: From cheese, olives and coffee, to breakfast sandwiches, salads, gourmet sandwiches, come and discover The Epicure Shop. FREE BACI (Italian kiss) for all Moms! PRIZE: $50 Gift Card

The Local Gest: Local, fresh ingredients and traditional regional influences come together at The Local Gest with exciting dishes mom will find feel familiar and new all at once. PRIZE: $50 Gift Card

Cranberries: Come join us at Cranberries in our casual dining atmosphere and experience homestyle cooking at its best. Lunch, Dinner, Weekend Brunch. PRIZE: $50 Gift Card

Stout Irish Pub: One of Toronto’s most popular pubs, Stout is known for having the best staff in the city, beer just above freezing, trivia Mondays and Tuesday and board games galore. Stop in and enjoy the best craft beer selection in Toronto. PRIZE: $50 Gift Card

Cycle Solutions: Cycle Solutions has all your cycling needs from leisure to competitive sport and is happy to award the NOW Cabbagetown MOM with a tech lite t­-shirt to wear on the trials. Prize: Tech Lite T­Shirt, value of $84.99

Oh Boy Burger: Oh Boy Burger loves Mom and is pleased to award the NOW Cabbagetown Mom with $100 in gift certificates to enjoy throughout the year. Prize: $100 Gift Card

St Jamestown Steak & Chops: Mom can spoil herself with $100 for St. Jamestown Steak & Chops. From PEI grass fed roast of beef, organic chicken and salmon fillets to cheese, artisanal salami and fresh produce and fruit, we’re Cabbagetown’s one stop for high quality meats & produce! Prize: $100 Gift Card

WOW Cabbagetown: WOW Cabbagetown, Cabbagetown’s floral and gift boutique is offering the NOW Cabbagetown Mom of 2016 a fresh European hand­ tied bouquet of flowers and some WOW surprise gifts. Prize: European hand­ tied bouquet of flowers and additional items, value $50+

The Irv Gastro Pub: Located in a Victorian Cabbagetown building, The Irv Gastro Pub offers a cosy atmosphere and beautiful outdoor patio. Come enjoy noteworthy re­imagined delicious pub food. Prize: $100 Gift Card

Kanpai Snack Bar: Kanpai Snack Bar is known across the GTA for the best Taiwanese street food delights, hand­crafted Canadian cocktails & a hip­ass vibe. Prize: $50 Gift Card

Happy Mother’s Day from NOW Magazine & The Cabbagetown BIA! 

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