Ontario Author Profile: Didier Leclair

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What’s your most recent work (Le bonheur est un parfum sans nom) about?

Happiness and jazz. 

Do you have anything specific you do for your writing process?

No special method. I just sit down and write. 

Describe one opportunity that improved your life as a writer.

The fact of winning the Trillium Book Award helped me some.

What’s one thing Ontario creative industries could do to be more inclusive of authors from indigenous and diverse communities.

Organize books fairs with a focus on Indigenous peoples and/or visible minorities in the country.

What’s one piece of advice you wish someone had shared with you when you were first starting out as a writer?

Writing is a lifelong adventure. 

Do you have any favourite authors or books?

Yes. Chester Himes and Romain Gary.

Name a person in your field who you think deserves more attention.

Gabriel Osson. He wrote a beautiful novel.

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