Osheaga 2016’s biggest Radiohead fans

We're not jealous – not jealous at all – of last weekend's much-anticipated Radiohead set in Montreal

Louis & Christophe, Quebec City

“I’ve been listening for 15 years. It’s always in the background of my life.”

“I enjoy their melancholic vibe.”


Zach Slootsky

Mauricio & Ryan, Venezuela, London (Ontario)

“It was the songs of my life for a long time. I hope they play True Love Waits.”

“They’re moody, and original to themselves. I would love to hear Reckoner.”


Zach Slootsky

Pamela & Alexandra, Montreal

“Their music gives me chills. The experience as a whole is incredible.”

“There’s no words.”


Zach Slootsky

Owen, Ottawa

“They change up their music every album. Each is a masterpiece. I’m hoping to hear Let Down tonight.”


Zach Slootsky

Agnes & Bojan, Toronto

“I feel they relate to everybody.”

“They’ve been my favourite band for 10 years. In Rainbows originally blew me away.”


Zach Slootsky

Lark, New York

“My dad played it to me when I was really really young. I got out of it for a while, listening more to pop music, but came back to it at the age of 10. I hope they play a cover of something. Maybe a Bowie cover. I saw that they did that one time.”


Zach Slootsky

Ryan, St. John 

“They have been my favourite band for at least 15 years. I got into it real heavy after Kid A came out. I’d like to hear Pyramid Song.” 


Zach Slootsky

Kaitlin & Nathan, New Jersey, Toronto

“I like their style of music. I don’t mind what they play, but I would love to hear Paranoid Android.”

“They consistently make the best music. I hope they play Motion Picture Sound Track, True Love Waits and Lucky. 


Zach Slootsky

David , Guillaume, Maxime, Samuel, Montreal 

“They’re awesome.”

“They’re so unique.”

“All my family loves Radiohead.”

“My friends told me it would be fun.”


Zach Slootsky

Cassie & Hannah, Connecticut 

“Their music is unlike anyone else. So unique.”

“It’s the one band I can always fall back on. Every album keeps getting better.”

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