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Sun Coming Down

A young post-punk band from Montreal, Ought blend economy, immediacy and passion to conjure a sound that is stirringly visceral. Perhaps it’s singer/guitarist Tim Darcy’s observational lyrics and Sun Coming Down’s vague, cerebral poetry and deceptively direct musical attack that make it feel hyper-relatable and relevant to contemporary Western middle-class life.

Here and on Ought’s 2014 debut, More Than Other Day, Darcy is fascinated by language and meanings and often writes from a dry, incredulous perspective. The ever-building, suspenseful Sonic Youthy pacing of Beautiful Blue Sky is enlivened by his artfully phrased litany of boring things that pass for conversation (“How’s the family?” “Beautiful weather today!” “Fancy seeing you here!”) in our efforts to seem empathetic and communicative.

Ought’s rhythmic punch and warm guitar and organ interplay never render them particularly distant even when Darcy plays the role of omniscient narrator, he winks like our enigmatic inside man. The way Ought confront modern bleakness is understandably disaffected but ultimately moving and celebratory, in the idealistic tradition of punk.

Top track: The Combo

Ought play the Horseshoe on October 29.

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