Our Toronto cycling gear wish list

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The NOW Cycling Issue spotlights the Toronto revolution that’s changing how we think of bikes and the latest investments in infrastructure that make cycling safer. 

Prospects continue to improve for cyclists, so we have our eyes on a ton of great bike gear to try out this spring on the road. Here are a few of our favourites. 

Cycling Sunglasses

Visibility is key to cycling safely in Toronto, and that starts with enhancing what you can actually see when you’re out on the road. Bollé’s new 6th Sense sunglasses offer an extra large field of view and lenses that will enhance your vision with anti-fog treatment, photochromic technology to lighten or darken automatically and prescription-friendly customization. 

CO2 Pump

Bike pumps have come a long way since the clunky monsters that are always lost in the garage. For those who want to ride light this summer, a CO2 inflator is the most convenient way to keep your tubes fully inflated. Models like this Lezyne Trigger Drive (available at bike shops like Sweet Pete’s on Bloor) are affordable and portable, so you can be ready to ride without carrying any heavy gear.

CO2 Bike Pump-2.jpg

Ornamental Head Badge

Your gear doesn’t need to be focused on enhancing performance alone. These ornamental head badges from Toronto’s own VéloColour are all about adding some individual style to your bike. Badges are made in stainless steel and designs include a stag, geese, a rocket ship and a sailboat. They come with the mounting hardware too, so you can install it right away. 


GPS Unit

Cycling is sometimes a solo activity, but you can connect with others who like to ride, too. Online communities like Strava.com allow you to compare and compete with other cyclists or just share your latest route and socialize. Garmin GPS units, like the ones available at Mountain Equipment Co-op, let you track and post your ride to Strava. For anyone who’s falling in love with travelling on two wheels, it’s a good way to discover new routes through the city.

Garmin GPS-Edge 20.png

Premium Helmet

The one thing you should not leave the house without is a well-designed helmet. Bollé’s The One Road Premium offers all-season protection, a stash area for your sunglasses, removable visor and a strategically placed LED light to keep you visible on late rides home. It’s also important that your helmet fits snugly without feeling too constrictive, and so The One Road Premium’s Click-to-Fit system lets you make easy adjustments on the fly.

Bolle helmet.jpg


Finally, you should ride in style, and Toronto is spoiled with great cycle-friendly clothing. Local design house Doublenaut is behind a lot of the clothes available at Bikes on Wheels. The B-Ball Tank Top pictured here is made from two-ply breathable mesh fabric – ideal for a ride to the park when the sun starts roasting this summer.

Bikes on Wheels_Tank.jpg

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