Outpost 3: Rise Of The Spetsnaz


OUTPOST 3: RISE OF THE SPETSNAZ (Mongrel, 2013) D: Kieran Parker, w/ Bryan Larkin, Michael McKell. Rating: NNN DVD package: none. Rating: NNN

Anyone who found the first two entries in the Nazi zombie franchise – Outpost and Outpost: Black Sun – too intellectual will appreciate Outpost 3: Rise Of The Spetsnaz. It dispenses almost entirely with plot and character to concentrate on action and gore.

In 1945, Nazis capture a squad of Soviet soldiers and shove them into an experimental program to make super-soldiers from the dead. Their options are escape or die.

Viewers are treated to relentless violence: fists, feet and elbows as well as knives, guns and hand grenades. Much of it is handled in close-up with generous helpings of gore.

The tough, patriotic Soviets are difficult to distinguish from one another, as are the Nazis, except for the head baddie (Michael McKell), who livens up the otherwise grim proceedings with a performance reminiscent of Christoph Waltz’s Inglourious Basterds turn.

Director Kieran Parker keeps the action whipping along and reasonably varied.

If this is your meat and you don’t miss the absent extras, go for a double bill with Frankenstein’s Army. It’s got Nazis, Soviet soldiers, a secret bunker and the ever-popular army of the dead.

EXTRAS English audio and subtitles.

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