Peaches, Sloan members to play Polaris Heritage prize show

UPDATE (July 28): The Polaris Prize Heritage show.

UPDATE (July 28): The Polaris Prize Heritage show scheduled for August 3 at the Great Hall has been postponed, according to Massey Hall. We will update with the new date and details once available. Original story follows.

Peaches, Sloan’s Chris Murphy and Jay FergusonTanika Charles, the Weather StationAmelia Curran and Michelle McAdorey are on the lineup for the inaugural Polaris Heritage Prize concert.

The show takes place on Wednesday (August 3, 8 pm) at the Great Hall and will be hosted by CBC Radio 2 host Rich Terfry, aka Buck 65. The award, which was announced last year, is essentially the Polaris Prize’s version of a hall of fame and honours classic Canadian albums from the past five decades.

This year’s winners are Joni Mitchell’s Blue (60s and 70s), the Cowboy Junkies’ The Trinity Session (80s), Sloan’s Twice Removed (90s) and Peaches’ The Teaches Of Peaches (00s). The performers will be accompanied by Massey Hall’s 15-piece alternative big band. Tickets are $25 at

Peaches will also perform at Massey Hall the following night at 8 pm with the Hidden Cameras as part of the Live At Massey Hall concert series. Tickets are $18.94-$29.50 via

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