Pink Moth

Eclipsed (independent)

Rating: NNNN

This town is full of under-the-radar musicians meticulously crafting tunes in basements and garages with little assistance or attention to spur them on. Pink Moth’s Ray Cammaert is one of them, and the wistful indie pop on his new full-length more than deserves to be heard.

Written mostly in Berlin after a European tour and then self-recorded, Eclipsed is memorably melodic, quietly confident and superbly emotional. Best, Cammaert and his talented musician friends are perfectly satisfied with staying down-to-earth – sidestepping the indie rock trend of going for epic builds and cathartic choruses.

Cammaert has an inviting voice but doesn’t always achieve perfect pitch, giving the album a lo-fi quality also enhanced by the more experimental, effects-heavy tunes. Fans of Big Star and Jim Guthrie will find lots to love in catchy tunes Lines and Cheaper Wine, as well as languid tear-spillers Up All Night and River Song.

Top track: River Song

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