Pop a bottle of pink

Even if it weren't Valentine's Day, it's never the wrong time for rose-coloured bubbles.

Château des Charmes Rosé

Rating: NNNN

Why Bat your lashes at these local bubbles made using the traditional method (aka secondary fermentation in the bottle). Half Chardonnay and half Pinot Noir, this super-fruity rosé flirts with the sweet side. For maximum pleasure, share in a heart-shaped tub with jets set to medium. 

Price 750 ml/$28.95

Availability Vintages 78055


Sidónio de Sousa Brut Nature Rosé 

Rating: NNNN

Why A traditional-method sparkler from Portugal’s Bairrada region made from Baga, an intense and grippy indigenous varietal. Tastes kind of like citrus-squeezed strawberries scooped out of earthenware. Deep and refreshingly dry. (Here’s hoping your night reflects the former but not the latter.)

Price 750 ml/$17.95

Availability Vintages 420687


Charles Heidsieck Reserve Rosé Champagne

Rating: NNNN

Why A class-act rosé champagne composed of 20 per cent reserve wines that are on average 10 years old (like I said, classy). Smells like strawberry-peach jam spread on buttered cinnamon toast – in other words, delicious. If you’re looking to splurge on something special, hunt it down. You know how it goes: pop the cork, seal the deal. 

Price 750ml/$84.95 

Availability Vintages 409342, limited quantities remaining

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