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Wiser's Legacy  Rating: NNN Why Cinnamon baked apples and plenty.

Wiser’s Legacy 

Rating: NNN

Why Cinnamon baked apples and plenty of oak (maybe a tad too much) make a satisfying accompaniment to a light cigar and a heart-to-heart with your old man. Most importantly, Wiser’s Legacy is one of Papa Parniak’s preferred treats.

Price 750 ml/$49.95

Availability LCBO 179721


Laphroaig 10 Year Old

Rating NNNN

Why Thicken the hair on pa’s chest with the world’s bestselling Islay single malt. Beyond the obvious peat bomb is a big-hearted whisky with a toffee core spritzed with sea spray, citrus, dried flowers and iodine. Delicious.

Price 750 ml/$80.95

Availability LCBO 248997


Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Rating: NNNN

Why Booker Noe, bourbon legend and grandson of Jim Beam, kick-started a demand for cask-strength whiskey after he released his signature sip in the early 90s. Unbridled and brawny, this is one hell of a dram for one hell of a man.

Price 750 ml/$69.95

Availability LCBO 325993

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