Prada’s 14-year-old runway model

The issue of underage models has plagued.

The issue of underage models has plagued the fashion industry for ages, but recent years saw a modicum of progress. The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) issued guidelines that models should be at least 16 years old, and Vogue editors worldwide agreed to stop using models under the age of 16.

Apparently, Milan – and Prada in particular – didn’t get the memo.

Milan Fashion Week has no age guidelines, so the luxury brand felt free to send 14-year-old Roos Abels down the runway in clothes it hopes to sell to grown women.

The agency that represents Roos assured The Independent that she was only doing a couple of shows, had permission from her school and was properly chaperoned.

Even if everything was kosher this time around, Prada is propagating hiring practices that have led to girls being emotionally and physically abused.

Do they need to use an underage model? Are there not enough thin, beautiful girls over the age of 16? Why unnecessarily put a child in harm’s way when there are other options?

Not to mention the message this sends to adult women – that we’ve passed our prime before we’ve even emerged from puberty.

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