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A new online voting tool shows that 30 Conservative ridings are ripe for the picking. launched yesterday and it is ready to play. Disclosure: It is totally separate from NOW but I am a co-founder and therefore a proud Momma. Now, we can all be election geeks together.

You can click on any riding in the country and find out how the race is shaping up there. The drop down menu let’s you dial in the info you want to see. You can get previous election results or every one of the latest poll results and how they slice and dice locally, provincially and nationally.

It is election by numbers and its fun or depressing, depending… is here because right now, the numbers are stacked against us.

Canadian federal and Toronto city governance are being twisted and torqued by radicals bent on rewriting all the rules. And that un-party of fun, social conservatism is all the social you can expect from the folks who like this crowd. It is scary.

Same old really isn’t working. We need to make a change if we want to see a change. sheds light on how we citizens can participate meaningfully in this electoral mess. The numbers talk. They actually show there is a way to get out from under that thumb of the united right.

And here is what is really new. takes the spin out of co-operative voting. It let’s the numbers do the talking. All we have to do is listen.

Passionate partisans, please note. Co-operative voting is not about giving up our support for the party of our choice. The result of targeted, informed voter co-operation is more, more, more. The predictive model shows there are 30 new, currently Conservative ridings within easy reach and many more if we build serious support.

Of the top 30 ridings we could win, 20 would go to the Liberals, 6 to the NDP, three to the Bloc and one to the Greens. That’s a post-partisan bonanza, that works for all of us.

Practical and powerful, helps make voting worthwhile.

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