Q&A: Louise Welsh

Author of A Lovely Way To Burn

The Glasgow-based author brings her plague novel to the International Festival of Authors at a time when epidemics are dominating the headlines. She reads from the book Tuesday (October 28), 7:30 pm, at the Lakeside Terrace sits on the A Pox On Your Head round table Wednesday (October 29), 7:30 pm and gives an artist’s talk Thursday (October 30), 6 pm, both at the Studio Theatre. Here’s how she answered our literary quips questionnaire:

Summarize your book in a tweet, i.e., less than 140 characters.

A plague called the sweats hits London. Stevie’s search for her boyfriend’s killers takes her into the heart of a dangerous, collapsing city.

Who should star as you in your biopic? Why?

Matt Damon – we have a similar physique and politics.

What important book have you pretended to have read? Were you convincing?

The Bible. Not very.

Recount your weirdest encounter with a fan.

A reader once gave me a collage he had made especially for me. It was composed of cut-outs from girlie mags. I didn’t keep it.

Lena Dunham, creator and star of TV’s Girls, has received $3.5 million for her first book. Care to comment?

Do you have her telephone number?

You’re ready to write the next bestselling dystopia. What’s the premise?

A comic finds himself locked in jail on false charges at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic. He escapes into an altered and dangerous world.

Do writers make good lovers? Why?

What a question! I live with a writer, so I obviously think so. But I suspect some writers may be a little selfish – not a good quality in a lover.

Whose memoir do you not want to read? Why?

I love memoirs. If it’s well written, I don’t care who it’s by.


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