Quick Upcycled Sweater Mitts

DIY of the Week

Can’t knit? No time to anyway? No problem. Repurpose a lonely, old sweater from your closet or second-hand store into warm and wooly mitts. (With wool, wash and dry first to felt it.)

Step one: Flip your sweater inside out and trace a rough outline just slightly larger than your hands (thumb extended) on the sweater with a Sharpie or fabric chalk. The ribbing at the base of your sweater will make a great cuff. Pin your front and back layers together, then cut, leaving a half inch all around your outline. (If you want ’em lined, follow the same steps with an old fleece pullover.) Sew your layers together, flip and finally decorate the outside with embroidery stitches, felt appliqués, buttons, you name it. Quick ‘n’ snuggly upcycled mitts complete. See step-by-step images above.

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