Reader Love and Hate: Not all Caribs were wiped out

Plus: Upskirt sexism

Not all Caribs were wiped out

Re My Cuba Red Alert, by Drew Hayden Taylor (NOW, June 2-8). I’ve seen the proclamation many times growing up in the Caribbean (it was written in the history books we used in school) that “the Caribs were all wiped out.” Which made it very difficult to go home and look at my mother, photos of my grandmother and what I was told my entire life were my Carib eyes in the mirror. 

There are Carib people all over and in the Caribbean. Those of us with Carib blood, mixed race many of us, are alive and aware of our heritage and history. We all know that history was written by the victors. Please do not propagate it.    

G.B., Toronto

Upskirt sexism 

Was disappointed to open up my NOW Magazine last week and find a sexist ad on page 5. Shame on you! You claim to be progressive, yet you run ads that blatantly objectify women. (The ad in question, for a bar I will most certainly avoid, showed a woman with her skirt pulled up and partially exposing her buttocks.) It’s media like this that feeds a culture of sexism. You need to raise your standards and show women more respect. This is unacceptable in 2016.

Pia Berger, Toronto

Big Slice of life on Yonge gone

Re Big Slice Closes On Yonge Street, by Natalia Manzocco (NOW, May 30). Aaaaargh! My favourite indulgence is gone! Even though the prices had soared in recent years (five bucks for a basic pepperoni), they were worth every penny – cheesy, hot and delicious. Now all we have left on Yonge is ketchup-topped cardboard pizza from the big chains. I hope the Big Slice reopens somewhere close by before too long.     

Greg Kokko, From

Sharing economy is wave of the future 

Kudos for your features on sharing economies and bartering in Toronto (NOW, May 26-June 1). Developing the avenues through which we can share our resources (and our skills) will strengthen the ties in our communities, emphasize sustainable practices and create opportunities for those unable or unwilling to access money-based services. I can’t wait to see what happens to these initiatives in the future.     

Jesse Gazic, Toronto 

No swapping allowed at Free Market

It is unfortunate that the print version of NOW identified Campbell Park Really Really Free Market in the headline as a place to “swap,” since our slogan is, “No Money. No Swapping. No Trading.” It would be good for NOW readers to be aware of the fact that Really Really Free Market is not a swap market.  

S. Poyraz, Campbell Park, Really Really Free Market

We need to take care of world’s oceans 

Canada, with the longest coastline in the world, should be the most concerned about the health of the oceans (NOW, June 2-8). After all, coastal communities rely on the sea for much of their economy.

The oceans of the world are threatened by climate change, acidification and industrial pollution.

The ocean sustains us. It is a place that all people can turn to for peace and well-being. We are its custodians. We need to take care of it. 

Let’s protect Canada’s coast and make this World Oceans Day one to celebrate.    

Lynn Clark, Toronto

John Tory’s pot luck

Re Dispensing With Common Sense (NOW, June 2-8). What did voters expect when they voted for John Tory? Did they look at his policies that were alarmingly similar to Ford’s, or his history of favouring his rich friends and ignoring advice of taxpayer-paid experts? His flip-flopping akin to Flipper and his pro-car views that continue to hold the city back? So are you really shocked at the idiocy and grandstanding of going after the pot shops?  

Scotty Robinson, Toronto

And justice for all?

Thanks for publishing the informative article by Peter Rosenthal (NOW, May 26-June 1), who clearly laid out the legal possibilities or consequences for Toronto cop James Forcillo in the shooting death of Sammy Yatim. At worst, Forcillo will be sentenced to house arrest and spared jail time for killing a stressed-out youth. As we know, there’s one kind of justice for cops, another for the rest of us.    

Don Weitz, Toronto

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