Reader Love and Hate: OPG says nuke opponents trying to scare us

Plus: Carbon tax the ticket to climate action

OPG says nuke opponents trying to scare us

Re Make Toronto A Nuke-Free Zone (NOW, June 23-29). Around the world, many respected environmentalists are dropping their opposition to nuclear power as they grapple with the very real challenge of global warming. In Ontario, some anti-nuclear activists continue to fight nuclear power with fear.

The nuclear station at Pickering has provided Ontario with greenhouse-gas-free power since 1971. Yes, that’s a long time. That’s not going to change if the plant runs until 2024. Ontario Power Generation has been investing heavily in Pickering since 2010. Just last week, Canada’s nuclear watchdog gave the plant the highest safety rating in its history.

The electricity from the six units at Pickering provides about 14 per cent of Ontario’s annual demand. At 6 cents per kilowatt hour, that’s lower than wind, solar and gas.

Claims that we could import cheaper power from Quebec to replace our nuclear fleet have been disproved by a number of credible analyses, including Ontario’s own electricity operator.

In fact, Ontario exports power to Quebec in the winter to help it meet its demands. Further, gas would be the replacement for Pickering, and that would add 8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions to the environment.

Jeff Lyash, OPG President and CEO

Check your consumption, save the planet 

Liberals’ Climate Change-up Plan (NOW, June 21) quotes David Hughes: “Short of an economic collapse, it is difficult to see how Canada can realistically meet its Paris commitments.”

Fossil fuels are obviously a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Unfortunately, we ignore the everyday behaviours that add up to tremendous impact.

Yesterday I went to the dentist. At the end of my appointment I received three “free gifts.” They were placed in a bag. I said, “Thanks. I’ll take the free toothbrush and dental floss (which I will use), but I don’t need the bag.”

When you go through life saying, “No thanks, I don’t need that,” your personal carbon footprint falls drastically. Without a cultural shift and people exercising mindful consumption, we’ll never hit any emissions reductions targets. 

Vince Schutt, From

Carbon tax the ticket to climate action

We need a carbon tax. It will be painful, but every major economist has concluded that it is the key tool needed to arrest climate change. Ontario’s $14,000 rebate for green cars is a joke. Just tax the carbon.

Catherine Vale, From

Propaganda check on Orlando

Letter writer Mitchell Chaitov (NOW, June 23-29) would like the LGBTQ community to “shift to the right and support conservatives for government in the fight against Islamic terror.” 

Aside from the ironies inherent in that, reports now suggest Omar Mateen’s killing spree in Orlando was a tragic act by a self-hating gay Muslim man, not terrorism.

Naseer Ahmad, Toronto

Sex workers and strippers deserve respect

I was most pleased to read Fleur de Lit’s In Praise Of Older Clients (NOW, June 23-29). I am also shunned for my craft as a stripper. Like prostitutes, I, too, have clients who are decent and caring, and I treat them with respect. However, there are also clients who feel entitled to dismiss my boundaries because they’re under the impression that strippers and sex workers aren’t worthy of respect.

Unfortunately, the majority of society considers sex workers disposable and all their clients scum. This article pointed out the irony in the way that lawmakers, law enforcers and society in general perceive the sex industry.

Consenting adults should have the right to do as they please. Undercover decoy cops could serve society better by stinging rapists who lurk around college campuses and nightclubs and people who harass women simply walking the street.

As in any other industry, all types do sex work. Some have more integrity and professionalism than others, but all deserve basic human rights.

Ms. Lou, Toronto

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