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DINK by Caroline Azar (Theatre-a-go-go). At Factory Mainspace (125 Bathurst). Jan 17 at 7 pm, Jan 18 at 8:15 pm..

DINK by Caroline Azar (Theatre-a-go-go). At Factory Mainspace (125 Bathurst). Jan 17 at 7 pm, Jan 18 at 8:15 pm. $15. 416-966-1062, Rating: NN

Kudos to Caroline Azar for trying something ambitious, but her play DINK is confusing and ultimately unsatisfying. I think shes trying to show how war breeds a kind of societal madness, but Im not sure because the play is so messy.

Two sisters approaching middle age bitchily talk about their lives Lolly (Christy Bruce) has a family, while Deb (Sharon Heidt) is part of a DINK couple i.e., double income no kids.

It turns out Debs husband Bill (David Keeley) is a charismatic alpha male type colonel, whos currently being investigated by Matt (Kris Siddiqi) about a mysterious incident that involves a Tim Hortons employee named Izzy (Lise Cormier) and her sort of girlfriend Danielle (Andrea Brown).

Meanwhile, we learn that Lollys daughter Bethany is being stalked.

Azar, who also directs, has organized scenes so haphazardly that its unclear where we are in time or geography. Is an interrogation scene happening in Kandahar or Toronto? Why the appearance of two singing, dancing women? Does the fact that someone mentions quantum mechanics mean all these things can be happening simultaneously?

It confuses matters further that Heidt at one point doubles as a woman Bills having an affair with.

Although convicted murderer and rapist Russell Williams isnt named either in the play or the program notes its hard not to think of his case, what with girls underwear, rape and serial killing part of the plays plot.

A couple of watchable performances cant quite salvage it or shed light on what the plays trying to communicate.

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