Roll with it: a guide to the best wrap for your weed

Save the forest for the trees and roll with something that doesn't burn the planet.



Don’t get me wrong – this Spanish brand offers some good tree-free options, but its wide range of regular papers with run-of-the-mill wood pulp makes no sustainability claims. No matter how the trees are axed, it takes a lot of caustic acids to dissolve tree fibres into the cellulose used to make most rolling papers. Smoking’s “green” or “eco” hemp and rice-based brown versions are wiser picks.

Lickability: uses gum arabic (from acacia trees).

Score: N


The classic French papers reportedly preferred by our mayor used to be made with linen, hemp and cotton. These days Zig-Zag says they’re mostly made with wood-shaving leftovers or young trees that purportedly meet the criteria set out by wood certifiers. But there are no third-party seals on the product to prove it. Bleached, but without elemental chlorine.

Lickability: uses gum from acacia trees.

Score: NN


If you remember any French, you’ll recognize that the “riz” in Rizla refers to its rice content. These score better than virgin wood pulp, since rice paper is made from waste rice husks. Some papers say “totally chlorine-free,” though the company doesn’t say what gums it uses or whether all Rizla varieties are 100 per cent rice, so we’re docking a point. Like Zig-Zag, these papers originated in France eons ago, though they’re now mostly made in Belgium.

Lickability: glue content is a mystery. Just says, “finest quality gummed paper.”

Score: NN


Love that this line goes all in with hemp and nothing but. While hemp requires no herbicides and can be grown with little or no pesticides, the company doesn’t claim to use totally pesticide-free, organic hemp. Some of that is from Spain. The rest? They don’t say. The ones in with brown packaging are unbleached, so reach for those.

Lickability: uses gum from acacia trees.

Score: NNNN


Original unbleached RAW brand papers are made of rice husks and flax at a wind-power-offset factory in Spain, which has long made ’em tops with earth-loving tokers. Then the indie company started making an organic hemp version. Okay, so I don’t see a certified-organic seal on the package or the website, but like OCB brand’s organic hemp papers, it says the papers are organically grown hemp processed without chlorine bleach. Good charitable company, too.

Lickability: hemp gum makes this one all hemp all the time.

Score: NNNNN

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