Rendezvous With Madness is one of the largest — and first — art and mental health festivals in the world. Now entering it’s 26th year, Rendezvous with Madness Festival is embracing a wider range of multidisciplinary art forms along with the provocative films it has become known for – Rendezvous with Madness 2018 includes media installations, visual art, theatre, film, panel discussions and in-conversation events.


The expanded Rendezvous with Madness Festival takes place October 10 – 21, 2018, with the opening program timed to coincide with World Mental Health Day. Events will run throughout the 12-day period at several venues throughout Toronto.





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The Song and The Sorrow

Legendary Canadian songwriter, Gene MacLellan is best known for his hits from the 1970s, including “Snowbird,” “Put Your Hand in the Hand” and “The Call.” Juno-award-winning musician, MacLellan gained national attention as one of the most brilliant songwriters in the Canadian music industry but he was never comfortable with being in the spotlight. After struggling with depression, MacLellan took his own life in 1995. The songwriter’s daughter and musician Catherine MacLellan was only 14 when her father committed suicide. Years after his death, Catherine revisits her father’s past trying to understand his life-long battle with depression. The Song and the Sorrow captures Catherine’s personal struggle to reconcile her family’s tragedy and break the silence surrounding mental illness.

Date: October 10, 2018

Time: 7 pm

Location: Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema


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Bursting Bubbles

We all make bubbles… illusive membranes to harbour our solitary thoughts, fears, memories, beliefs, insights and perceptions of ourselves and our reality. Insulating and flexible as they may seem, bubbles are feeble strongholds against piercing moments of epiphany. Variably, through states of introspection, irony or innovation, participating artists explore the nature of evolving solitudes, pushing comfort zones, bursting bubbles and processing the impacts. 




Date: October 11-21, 2018

Time: Noon- 6 pm

Location: Toronto Media Arts Centre (TMAC)


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If You Ask Me

Rendezvous with Madness (RWM) and CAMH’s National Youth Action Committee (NYAC) partnered to commissioned 15 youth filmmakers from across Canada to create short films exploring their own experiences with mental health and/or addiction issues. Participating in a series of workshops with RWM mentors Nadine Espinoza, Rick Miller and Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam and facilitated by youth mentor Erum Khan, the filmmakers supported each other through the creative process by pushing themselves to share their stories and answer important questions.



Date: October 14, 2018

Time: 5 pm

Location: Workman Arts Theatre


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Manitoba Music

While earning the city’s top performing arts accolades, Jim LeFrancois’ world was secretly closing in. He received a call from rural Manitoba, just above the North Dakota border, letting him know that his last surviving grandparent was ailing. He left within a few days of receiving the call and stayed for six weeks, to help out — in truth, he was running away.   


October 12 - 6:30 PM

October 13-  2 PM

October 16-  7 PM

October 18-  9 PM

October 21-  5PM

Location: Workmans Art Theatre


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A Mother Brings Her Son to Be Shot

The War in Northern Ireland, also known as “The Troubles,” formally ended in 1998 with the Good Friday Agreement. But in the streets of Cregan, Derry blood is still shed and turmoil unobtrusively prevails. Members of this community reject any outside help and practice violent self-policing under the guise of keeping their community safe. One day, they give Majella O’Donnell, a mother of a teenage boy accused of dealing drugs, a choice: either she brings her son to be shot in the legs or he will experience something much worse. Sinéad O’Shea investigates the story of O’Donnell family to understand how such atrocities could happen within the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.


Date: October 20, 2018

Time: 7 pm

Location: St. Anne's Church 


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Nerve Endings Closing Night Party

On Saturday, October 20th, the entire Workman Arts building comes alive with art and performance! In true Rendezvous fashion, artists of all genres and styles animate the night with real, raw, immersive and interactive pieces about mental health and lived experience. Expect an eclectic, honest, inclusive and courageous program with energy building throughout the night. Music programming by Long Winter — local hip-hop artist 3K kicks off at 8:00 pm to make this art party complete.




Date: October 20th, 2018

Time: 5PM- Midnight

Location: Workman Arts Theatre 




A Mother Brings Her Son To Be Shot 

SPK Complex

My Talk With Florence

Demons in Paradise

Les Mondes de Vincent 

Qu'importe la Gravité


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