Rye not?

Lately, the LCBO's been going the extra mile.

Lately, the LCBO’s been going the extra mile to get with the times and give the people what they want. I’ll skip speculation on why that is and draw your attention instead to these three newish American ryes: light, spicy and multi-dimensional.

Bulleit Rye

Rating NNN

Why After years of scoping the companion to Bulleit’s rye-forward bourbon stateside (America really is the land of the free when it comes to booze availability), I’m happy to say that the rye whisky has at long last arrived in Ontario. Too bad its stunted length doesn’t reflect the time we spent anticipating its arrival. Lively rye notes fade almost immediately. Sip quickly and forget about it. Still worth it, though.

Price 750 ml/$38.45

Availability LCBO 350611

George Dickel Rye

Rating NNNN

Why Meet my new house dram. Everything that makes my mouth water when it comes to rye whisky – brine, spice, florals – is in this bottle. Dickel, a Tennessee whiskey distiller, employs the state’s signature charcoal mellowing process to finish this smooth and smoky whisky made from 95 per cent rye mash.

Price 750 ml/$35.95 until April 27Availability LCBO 352997

Knob Creek Rye

Rating NNN

Why Brash spice and a high proof (50 per cent abv) make Knob Creek’s straight rye whisky great for cocktails but not my first choice for sipping. The evolution of aromas and flavours that I look forward to in a rye are lost in a hot, dry whisky desert.

Price 750 ml/$54.85

Availability LCBO 348235

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