Sage the Gemini

Remember Me (Republic)

Rating: NNN

Sage the Gemini is one of the newest additions to the Bay Area’s 17-man HBK crew, who are redefining what it means to be regional stars in the internet age. Powered by hiccupping handclaps and rampant West Coast hedonism, Sage’s major-label solo debut follows the success of a hypnotic, viral, platinum-selling single, Gas Pedal, and a swiftly rising gold one, Red Nose.

Sage isn’t known for his versatility. Many of the songs use the same minimalist bass line, stuttering hi-hats and open-space production tailor-made for the short-burst Vine videos to which he owes much of his success. But there’s something addictive about his spare aesthetic.

Overall, the record is buoyed by relentless exuberance and good-natured charm. Even Put Me On – a rebuke to fans and emcees who ask Sage for favours and get angry when they’re rebuffed – comes off more conciliatory than hostile. The other major standout is slinky synth jam Go Somewhere – one of the year’s most charming dance-floor rap jams.

Top track: Go Somewhere jordan sowunmi

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