On Santi White’s third album as Santigold, the Philadelphia singer continues her commitment to day-glo eclecticism and self-aware mutant pop. But what sounded startlingly unique when she burst on the scene in 2007 has now become relatively common on the mainstream pop charts. Still, even though Santigold’s new-wave references and nods to dancehall fit into commercial radio formats much more smoothly now, her approach to pop is defiantly odd. Her playfully manic quality keeps you on your toes and catches you by surprise.

As on her previous albums, you need to have an appreciation of her relentless genre-crossing and brassy mezzo-soprano to enjoy it fully. Santigold often got compared to MIA in her earlier years, but much of this material sounds more like Rihanna if she suddenly discovered punk. The uptempo rock-influenced tracks are the most successful, and the latter half of the album is weighed down by sleepy slower songs. It’s initially fun to play spot-the-references, but in the best moments the sounds are harder to pin down.

Top track: Outside The War

Santigold plays Fort York Garrison Common as part of Field Trip on June 4. See listing.     

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