SBTRKT at the Danforth Music Hall

Equipment malfunction makes for Halloween nightmare

SBTRKT at the Danforth Music Hall, Friday, October 31. Rating: NN

Everything seemed to be going smoothly at the first of SBTRKT’s two-night stand at the Danforth Music Hall, when suddenly the UK producer experienced every electronic musician’s worst nightmare: the gear stopped working. “I’m very sorry, this has never happened before,” he said meekly to the crowd, after several failed attempts to get the machines talking to each other again. The polite crowd continued to wait around for the problems to be resolved.

Given the large number of instruments set up on stage, and how much of the show is based around live musicianship, it was puzzling that he and his band didn’t opt to jam while the technicians worked – it didn’t seem like they’d even considered a backup plan for situations like this. It soon became evident that this was not just a momentary glitch, and a smattering of boos could be heard. After a long intermission, the moody post-dubstep beats started up, but then, once again, tech issues forced more interruptions. The bits of music we did hear sounded great, but that was completely overshadowed by the massive equipment malfunction. Hopefully everything got resolved for Saturday night.

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